Topics covered

Use of force, non-violent dispute, lawful carry, handgun safety, regulatory services, scenarios and more.

This course is a requirement  from the Texas Department of Public Safety to obtain a License to Carry. The class will prepare you for a mandatory written test (25 questions). Students are expected to be proficient with their handgun upon arrival to this course. A shooting proficiency test will be completed before the end of the class. Please use the following link to review Texas DPS course of fire required for proficiency demonstration:

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Before the class please visit the Texas Department of Public Safety web page and complete the following:

  • Application for a Concealed Handgun License
  • Electronic fingerprinting 
  • Application fee (paid to TX DPS)
  • Printed copy of receipt / to do list (Bar coded form)

4 to 6 hours (starts at 8:00 AM)

Equipment (not included)
Handgun (pistol or revolver .32 caliber & above) , magazine (1)

WZ offers equipment rental for this class

Ammunition (not included)
50 rounds (Brass casing, FMJ)

Handgun proficiency

Classroom:                                                                        Shooting Test:                                                                                    

Warrior Zero                                                                      The Impact Zone

27502 Wilson Run Ln, Fulshear, TX 77441                      10878 Kerr Road

LTC Training

$ 60


Copyright © 2015. WZ. All rights reserved.

Copyright © 2015. WZ. All rights reserved.